DRR-SA : Disaster Risk Reduction – Southern Africa

Funding: European Commission – Disaster Prepardness and Humanitarian Aid – DIPECHO

Duration: 03/13 – 12/13

Project Partners: COOPI, UNDP


Together with the Italian based NGO COOPI, we have carried out a range of activities in the context of Disaster Risk Reduction, Geoinformation and community-based approaches in Southern Africa

Information and Knowledge Management System: Development of a knowledge management tool to spatially integrate ECHO projects for the South-Eastern African project region.

Lahar Risk Assessment Comores: Lahar risk assessment for the island of Grandes Comores based on very-high resolution satellite data and new digital elevation models (TerraSAR)

Vulnerability and Resilience Assessment: Vulnerability assessment to floods and resilience assessment to food insecurity at the district and community in Salima, Malawi.

Involved ISI staff: Dr. Stefan Kienberger