RESPECT – Roles and Responsibilities in Climate Risk Management in Austria

Funding: Austrian Climate Research Program

Duration: 06/17 – 05/19

Project Partners: IIASA – International Institute for Applied System Analysis, alpS GmbH, Spatial Services GmbH, Universität Graz – Wegener Center, Environment Agency Austria


The overarching goal of the RESPECT project is to support the implementation of comprehensive climate risk management in Austria. A practical and holistic climate risk management will be developed together with experts, decision-makers, private sector representatives, and the population concerned.

More specifically, the RESPECT Project is pursuing the following goals:

  • A compilation of climate risk information for Austria.
  • Application of this information, in combination with a spatial and temporal risk assessment, to identify current risk levels, possible future scenarios, as well as potential intervention measures.
  • Identification and allocation of common roles and responsibilities in climate risk management through participatory implementation of the risk portfolio methods at the local level.
  • Identification of the potential fiscal risks for Austria if implicit or explicit climate risks are undertaken by public and private actors and become *striking in the public budget balancing.
  • Closing the gap between research, practice, and politics regarding comprehensive climate risk management.
  • Integration of information at different administrative levels to reconcile local and national needs, as well as courses of action.

Specific research input: Z_GIS leads the WP on ‘Synthesising climate risk information for Austria’ and aims to develop a spatial-explicit climate change risk assessment for floods and agricultural drought.

Involved ISI staff: Dr. Stefan Kienberger, Jutta-Lucia Leis