Senior Scientist | Head of ISI Research Group

Tel: +43 (0)662 8044 7507       

My motivation for my applied research is to bridge the social and ecological divides we are currently facing at global and local levels. I aim to achieve this through the development of new concepts, methods and tools to capture complex and multi-dimensional phenomena (such as risk and vulnerability) through systems thinking and in a spatial-explicit manner.

Thimmaiah Gudiyangada NACHAPPA
Researcher | PhD Candidate

Email: thimmaiah.gudiyangadanachappa@​      
Tel: +43 (0)662 8044 7564       

My current research focuses on assessment of Multi-Hazards and Multi-Risks focusing on the interactions between hazards and its impact on integrated risk assessments. My main research interests include natural hazards, vulnerability and risk assessments, Geoinformatics and spatial analysis.

Linda MENK
Researcher | MSc Student of Applied Geoinformatics

Tel: +43 (0)662 8044 7526        

Currently working on my Master thesis in Applied Geoinformatics which focuses on modeling risk and vulnerability to malaria in East Africa. Also, I am involved in the “Risk and Vulnerability Assessment” (RIVA) project since July 2017.

Research Assistant | MSc Student of Applied Geoinformatics

Tel: +43 (0)662 8044 7526       

I am working as an assistant in the ISI Research group. My main research interests include Systems Thinking, System Dynamics, Ecological Modelling and Environmental Health.



Former staff members, students and interns:

Marion BORDERON (staff)
Korbinian BREINDL (staff, PhD student)
Roman BREITFUSS (UNIGIS MSc student)
Pablo CABRERA BARONA (PhD student)
Clemens EISANK (intern)
Diana Maria CONTRERAS MOJICA (staff, PhD student)
Michael HAGENLOCHER (intern, staff, PhD student)
Markus KERSCHBAUMER (staff)
Marco LEIDL (staff, MSc student)
Jutta-Lucia LEIS (staff, MSc student)
Allan MAZIMWE (MSc student)
Antonia OSBERGER (intern)
Lena PERNKOPF (staff)
Bernhard PETAUTSCHNIG (intern, Bachelor)
Marco POETSCH (staff, MSc student)
Jonas RUGTVEDT (staff)
Bassam QASHQO (staff)
Lopez ZENON SHEILON (MSc student)
Raphael SPIEKERMANN (staff)
Peter ZEIL (staff)