TheMetrix: Using blockchain distributed systems to deploy spatial risk indicators for supply-chain management

Funding: Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation

Duration: 08.2019 – 06.2020


Project Partners: International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT); RChain; Metajua



The project proposes to develop a proof of concept that uses a blockchain platform on which diverse and competing value chain stakeholders will provide data in a secure, encrypted and trusted manner. The aim is to enable interoperability of data collected by actors of the research, academia, non-profits, governmental institutions, and private sectors through spatial aggregation approaches that are responsive to differences in data structures. The project will reduce production risks for farmers and various stakeholders through better monitoring of produce supply, whilst simultaneously facilitating the development of new business opportunities for value chain stakeholders from better data for decision making. In this pilot, the project will conceptualise, build and implement a blockchain platform with at least three data providers from the private and research sectors, working with the coffee value-chain in Uganda.

Specific research input:

Design algorithms for calculating Spatial Indicators

Involved ISI staff: Dr. Stefan Kienberger, Linda Menk