Transloss: Transformational risk management to tackle climate Loss and Damage in Austria and beyond

Funding: Climate and Energy Fund, Austrian Climate Research Program (KLIEN, ACRP) 11th call

Duration:  11.2019 – 10.2021


Project Partners: International Institute for Applied System Analysis (IIASA); University of Zurich (UZH); Center for Global Change and Sustainability, BOKU Vienna



Loss and Damage (L&D) has recently gained traction, when it became apparent that climate change will lead to impacts that cannot or will not be tackled by mitigation or adaptation. While current research mainly focuses on L&D in the global South, our objective is to provide policy-relevant scientific insights from the perspective of Austria, a global North country. TransLoss synthesizes the political and scientific discourse on L&D; identifies how L&D may affect Austria; develops novel indicators for (non-economic) L&D; and assesses the role of transformational risk management.

Specific research input:

Assessing the scientific perspective on L&D and developing novel risk indicators for L&D; Designing and implementing the national case study together with IIASA; Support research partners to integrate the science perspective on L&D and synthesize the approaches.

Spatial Analysis; Risk and Vulnerability Assessments; Data Integration and Visualization

Involved ISI staff: Dr. Stefan Kienberger, Linda Menk